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Internet Search (SEO) Report May 2023

Organic Search

First here are the basic search stats from Google for the website. This shows clicks directly from Google search results, but doesn’t include other search engines or direct visits or links from other websites.

Next is keyword info. This list shows the most popular searches on Google in which your website is appearing.

Next is a list of the top content on your website. The blog content still brings in many visitors, and helps increase your overall search rankings (see for more info).

Keyword Info

These are recommended keywords to target in your website content, headings and paragraphs to increase rankings and website traffic:

KeywordAverage Monthly Traffic
independent living for seniors74,000
independent seniors living27,100
retirement homes near me18,100
senior independent living near me14,800
over 55 retirement homes14,800
independent senior housing8,100
senior independent living texas1,300
senior independent living san antonio170

To increase traffic you’ll want to add more related content to the site, content that includes relevant keywords, and keep adding on a regular basis. This tells Google and Bing that your site is relevant to those searches, and they will rank you higher versus your competitors.

Local Search

Here are the Google Local Search stats.

To improve your local search rankings you can:

1. Get more reviews. This link can be used to leave a review on your Google profile, share it with your customers:
2. Add photos & videos to the business listing
3. Optimize your website for local search. Make sure your website uses relevant keywords and phrases


Continue to seek out more customer reviews on Google, responding to them as often as you can (see

Seek out testimonials from your best customers, ideally with a video or a photo. These can be posted to your website and social media.


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