Why Get a Website as a Service?

Instead of paying hundreds or thousands for a website and hoping that it helps your business, partner with a company that will be with you every step of the way! We provide a proven website service at a reasonable monthly rate.

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Digital Marketing for Your Small Business

We offer affordable and easy to understand digital marketing services that deliver results, increasing your search rankings, attracting attention on social media and delivering the customers you want.

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Social Media Marketing

We specialize in crafting unique, engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives results. From eye-catching visuals to compelling copy, we bring your brand to life on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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We Make It Easy to Get Your Small Business Online

With 20 years of experience in small business marketing, we know how to handle all the details to make your website a success. And there’s no contract to sign, because we're confident that you will get great results.

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"Adam & Bitwave Design helped me to get my new company online quickly and enabled me to rank highly in a very competitive industry after just a few weeks of hard work. I would highly recommend this company!"

– David Walter, Level 3 Solar

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How to Increase Traffic By Being Helpful On Your Website

Marketing, SEO | November 13, 2022

Having helpful information and advice on your website is generally appreciated by potential customers, but did you know that this is also one of the best way to increase your visibility online? Google uses a variety of factors to determine the ranking of websites in its search results, including the quality and relevance of the […]

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Can I Use Photos Found On the Web In My Website?

Ideas | March 17, 2019

Images are an important part of any web site. Where can you find good photos? Is it acceptable to copy someone else’s picture and incorporate it in your website or blog?

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Small Business Guide to Getting Started Creating Marketing Videos

Ideas, Marketing | June 9, 2024

Creating engaging video content is an effective way to captivate your audience, boost your online presence, and enhance your branding efforts. As a small business owner, creating videos might seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be both manageable and impactful. Here’s how you can get started with making your own videos, including […]

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Don’t Ignore the Data When Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Marketing | April 9, 2024

The uncertainties and unpredictability of search algorithms causes many to adopt incorrect or even superstitious views of their internet marketing. This is a tendency I see all the time among small business owners. Also, since the digital marketing world evolves at breakneck speed, what worked even a few years ago may now be ineffective or, […]

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Why Copying Google My Business Reviews to Your Website Is a Bad Idea

Marketing | March 26, 2024

Leveraging customer reviews is a powerful way to build trust and influence potential clients. However, the practice of copying reviews from Google My Business (GMB) to your website can backfire due to several critical reasons, including the violation of Google’s policies.

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