PROJECT BusinessName Template

Contact Info

Name: name
Email: email
Address: ST

Corporate / LLC info:

Corp / LLC Name
phone number

Payment Info

Setup Fees: Quoted $xxx (paid $0 so far)

Monthly Fee: $xxx (started xxx 2023)

Basic Website Details

Business (Marketing) name: BusinessName

Primary Goals: Direct customers to physical store, sell products online

Domain name:

2-Sentence Description: Briefly and directly describe what your business is all about, what you do, where, and maybe a brief call to action. What makes your business better / different / unique / a good value?

Contact Phone: (888) 888-8888

Email service: (forwarding to [email protected] | Google Workspace | MS365)

Active Integrations: Contact Form (ecommerce, newsletter form)

Social Media Links: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

Project Progress:

  • Verify business name, ideally with subtitle (example: Jones Financial, Accounting & Bookkeeping)
  • Corporate / LLC info: company name, address / phone (if applicable)
  • Two (2) sentences describing what your business does in a nutshell, including only the most important info
  • How do you want customers to contact you? (phone, email, address, etc)
  • A description of the services / products that you offer, with a list of any options available
  • Sell yourself: What makes your business or offerings different / unique / worth considering, what should people know about you?
  • Pricing: If not specific pricing, how do you price jobs/projects? Free estimates, guarantees, etc.:
  • Any other relevant info: special offers, FAQs, process info, testimonials, examples of your work:
  • Setup domain name
  • Setup email services
  • Home page live
  • Sub pages live
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Create, test and verify contact form
  • Need to finalize logo / branding
  • Waiting for approval / edits on initial website mock-up
  • Website hosting is ready
  • Waiting for additional product photos / details?


Website Mock-Up

Desktop home page sample:


Logo 1st version:

Stock Photo Samples

Source Info:

Info here


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