How to Delegate Access to Your GoDaddy Account

GoDaddy offers a delegate access feature that allows you to grant Bitwave Design permission to manage your domain name, without giving us full access to the account. Here’s how you can delegate access:

  1. GoDaddy Account Login: You will need to log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Delegate Access Page: Navigate to the “Delegate Access” section within your GoDaddy account. This link should take you there:
  3. Invite Bitwave Design: Look for an option to “Invite” or “Add Delegate”. Here, you can enter Bitwave Design’s email address [[email protected]].
  4. Permission Levels: Select the appropriate permission level for Bitwave Design. There are usually two options relevant to domains:
    • Management Access: This allows Bitwave Design to manage tasks like updating DNS records, renewing the domain, and creating subdomains.
    • Transfer Access: This grants Bitwave Design the ability to initiate transfers of the domain name to another registrar. (Important Note: GoDaddy mentions delegates cannot approve incoming domain transfers
  5. Grant Access: Once the permission level is chosen, you can finalize the invitation by sending it to Bitwave Design.

The instructions to delegate access can also be found on their website here:

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