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Our program is easy! You just provide us with basic information on your business: your services, selling points, branding, pricing, testimonials and so forth. From there we design and develop your website, start hosting, and show you how it works.

Once your site is up, we provide support, hosting and security updates for your site. We also offer a variety of services to update, improve and promote your site.

Website Features

We create and run websites that are designed to meet three main goals: (1) To attract potential customers to the site through search engine optimization and social media. (2) To build a well-organized site that is easy to follow, navigate, and grabs a visitor’s attention. (3) To build trust, convince visitors to do business with you. Other features include:

Design Options

You don’t have to settle for a generic website template! You pick a starting design, and we’ll customize it with your company logo, colors photos and text. Stock images available.

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$199 Custom Website Design

To qualify for our $199 price, simply choose one of our starting designs, provide your company logo and business information, and we’ll have your new website up and running right away!

Visit bitwavetest.com to get an idea of how we put websites together. Additional fees may be added for extensive changes to the design layout or for large amounts of content/listings/pages/photos.


For only $24 per month, we’ll provide hosting service and support, including e-mail service, as well as security upgrades.

Installing your website onto another hosting service may incur an additional fee. Your hosting provider must provide at least PHP 5.2, MySQL 4.1.2, Apache and the mod_rewrite module. Also note that we can’t guarantee the performance and reliability of third-party hosting services.

Updates & Modifications

Keeping your site updated makes a good impression on visitors and improves traffic from search engines. We can help you to update your site on a regular basis, as low as $25 per month. Contact us for details.

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