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Services | February 16, 2019

Creating Gmail Message Filters

Get more control over your incoming messages 

Use the following instructions to instruct Gmail how to handle important emails. Gmail can label messages from your domain email, and you can ensure that you never miss your Contact Form submissions again.

1. Open Message Filter Settings

In the search box at the top, click the button on the right side of the search box, shown below [Show search options].

2. Create a Rule for Incoming Email From Your Domain

Next, in the field [To] type the email address from your domain name (probably [email protected]). Now click [Create Filter].

3. Apply Rules to Matching Messages

On the next page you can tell Gmail what to do when it receives a message that matches this filter. You may choose to [Apply a label], which makes it easier to distinguish emails from your domain name email. The option [Never send it to Spam] ensures you won’t have to worry about these messages getting lost in your Spam folder.

You may also choose to apply these rules to existing emails, by choosing the last option. 

Create a Rule for Your Contact Form Emails

To create a filter that only matches your Contact Form emails, go to step 2, then in the field [Subject] type the subject of your contact form emails. Now click [Create Filter].

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